Always ethically-minded

In additional being a world-renowned events venue, Central Hall Westminster Ltd is also a not-for-profit company. Our business remit therefore extends to enhancing our beautiful building and raising money for charitable works all over the world.

We are committed to being a venue with a strong sense of moral and ethical principles, which translates into all of our day-to- day business operations. In keeping with this, we strive to maintain 4 core values, namely to be commercial, service-minded, generous, and ethical in everything that we do.

We demonstrate our commitment to being COMMERCIAL by:

  • Having long term plans and building long term relationships
  • Offering terms which are firm, but fair
  • Satisfying profit objectives, and making the most of every penny
  • Earning our profit by delivering great value and service – no quick bucks
  • Being professional
  • Finding and developing new opportunities

We demonstrate our commitment to being SERVICE-MINDED by:

  • Empowering and enabling our staff
  • Listening, and understanding the needs of others
  • Trying hard to ensure that everyone’s experience is a good one
  • Offering before we are asked
  • Having a ‘can-do’ attitude
  • Acting responsibly towards our staff, partners and asset

We demonstrate our commitment to being GENEROUS by:

  • Giving all our profits to the Methodist Church – being a social enterprise
  • Giving as much discount to charities and churches as we can
  • Creating products and services which are never skimpy, nor feel cheap
  • Being equitable – looking for win-wins
  • Sharing ideas and lending a hand
  • Valuing and training our staff

We demonstrate our commitment to being ETHICAL by:

  • Reflecting the ideals of the historic church building that we have the privilege to occupy
  • Being honest in communication
  • Having transparency and consistency in what we offer
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling
  • Using fairly traded products, and sourcing local and sustainable produce where possible
  • Being a London Living Wage Employer
  • Encouraging our suppliers to trade ethically

To learn more about how we uphold our core values, take a look at our CSR policy, see our accreditations, or read more about our approach to sustainability and green events.

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