Bowl food, made by in-house catering partner Green & Fortune

Catering at Central Hall Westminster

The catering options on offer at Central Hall Westminster are as inventive as they are delicious.

Working with our in-house catering partner Green & Fortune we create flavourful balanced menus that complement the wide range of events hosted within the venue.

Our extensive menus include everything from breakfast menus to get your event off to the right start, to hot and cold standing lunch dishes for all-day conferences, or working lunch packages for meetings, and even formal dinner options for graduations and awards ceremonies.  We also have an equally impressive drinks list and canape and bowl food menus for receptions and private events.

All our menu options are available in every room, so you can pick the one that best suits you. We can then set up a catering station in your chosen room or in a separate area or syndicate room nearby.

Our catering partner

Catering and refreshments for all events at Central Hall Westminster are provided by Green & Fortune, an award winning, independent hospitality business delivering a wide range of catering options.

Food and drink are key elements for a successful event, and we take this very seriously.  Our dedicated team of chefs prepare high quality dishes using the freshest seasonal ingredients for even the largest of events.

We are continually evolving our offering, taking inspiration from international food trends and industry developments while maintaining our focus on good quality, honest food. Our chefs can also cater for special dietary requirements, and even create bespoke dishes and menus just for your guests. 

Green & Fortune, catering partner, logo
Cupcakes, made by in-house catering partner Green & Fortune
Beef canapés, made by in-house catering partner Green & Fortune

Fresh quality ingredients

We produce as much as possible in-house, for example our team of chefs includes an on-site baker to help us create the sweet treats on the menus and ensures we can offer a product that is of the highest standard.

Wherever we can we use quality and independently sourced British suppliers to ensure the best possible ingredients. Supplier relationships are important to us, whether it’s talking to Chapman’s of Sevenoaks to hear what the catch of the day is or sending some of our team down to Rhode’s bakery to see the bread being made first hand, this all enable us to deliver the best quality product we can for your event.

Current menus

You can view or download our current menu below. Our menus include the following;

  • Breakfast – includes everything from pastries or a bacon sandwich on arrival to a plated full breakfast or creative options such as shakshuka eggs or buckwheat or banana pancakes
  • Lunch – everything from a classic sandwich lunch or chef’s hot sandwich station to a standing buffet and bento boxes
  • Dinner – select one of our set menus, or build your own menu by selecting a starter, main and dessert
  • Receptions – a large selection of reception packages, nibbles, canapes and bowl food dishes both savoury and sweet
Raspberry pastry pudding, made by in-house catering partner Green & Fortune
Warm chicken salad, made by in-house catering partner Green & Fortune

A sustainable approach

As our catering partner, Green & Fortune shares Central Hall Westminster’s responsible approach to business.

Sustainability is high on our agenda and we reduce food miles as much as we can.

You’ll see a number of chef’s choice or chef’s suggested selections throughout the menus, these offer great value for you and allow us to embrace seasonality and reduce food waste.

Catering is served on re-usable plates and dishes for most of our offering. Where not, we use sustainable materials such as bamboo and palm plates, these are compostable and can be disposed of with food waste.