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Thanks to the increasing number of newsworthy events and high-profile clients coming to Central Hall Westminster, we receive a considerable amount of press coverage and PR. Browse our press releases to see our latest stories.


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We have years of experience in hosting and planning events of all kinds. Browse our blog for top planning tips to help with your next event and read the latest from our expert events team.

Wesley’s Café gets a makeover

In the summer, Kudos and the CHW team refurbished Wesley’s café. We now have a modern and bright café that is both engaging and inviting.

Choosing an event venue

Choosing an event venue can be a daunting task but following our simple steps will help you work out what the right choice for your event is.

Calder call on Central Hall Westminster

For many years the conference management agent Calder and the team at Central Hall Westminster have enjoyed a very good working relationship….it was time they deserved a trip to London.

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