Sustainable Conference Venue
Sustainable Conference Venue

Sustainable Conference Venue


Central Hall Westminster is committed to promoting sustainability and we aim to follow and promote good sustainability practice, to reduce our environmental impact and help our clients and service partners to do the same.

Environmental Policy

Central Hall Westminster recognises that its operation has an effect on the local, regional and global environment and is committed to minimising the impact of its operations, and complies with relevant environmental laws. Management objectives and targets are reviewed on a regular basis to implement the environment policy, which is communicated and encouraged to all employees. Our aim is to play a proactive role in contributing to achieving sustainability where we have influence.

Our Environmental Policy is based upon the following principles:

  • Monitoring and managing Central Hall Westminster’s consumption and use of energy.
  • Reduce the consumption of water.
  • Reduce amount of waste wherever possible.
  • Monitor and work to reduce its contribution to environment emissions from travel undertaken for business purposes.
  • Undertaking sustainable procurement actions including using local suppliers, recycled materials, biodegradable chemicals and purchasing fair trade products wherever possible.
  • Recognising the responsibility staff have in contributing to good environmental management and channel this enthusiasm by providing information and support so that all staff exercise their environmental responsibility.
  • Encouraging clients and visitors to cherish our environment by producing events that are environmentally sensitive and have procedures in place to minimise noise and disturbance to neighbours.
  • Promoting environmental good practice to its service partners, encouraging a shared responsibility to protecting the environment.


Great pleasure working with the entire team, everyone went above and beyond to make our event so successful!
Gaby Sifter
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