Charlotte Scott, the Food & Beverage Development Director for KUDOS based at Central hall Westminster, has been hard at work again, for this month’s blog she’s talking about menu suggestions for your next event. 

CHW has an extensive selection of catering options available that can be customised to suit your event, ensuring delegates and attendees are fully taken care of. Conferences can require your focus and concentration, and with a sizzling summer around the corner, it is all about what foods may keep you cool and productive on the day.

Fresh, vibrant summer salads are always a winner on a hot summer’s day. Why not treat yourself to a classic Mexican salad? This simple summer salad combines avocado, chipotle chickpeas, sweetcorn, black beans, wild rice and coriander. An alternative option could include griddled halloumi or chicken. This salad has a great interplay of textures, temperatures and flavours. With its infusions of tasty avocado, spicy chickpeas, rice and mint, it’s bound to be a sure-fire hit with your delegates.

You can also enjoy the best of summer with a classic salmon Niçoise with green beans, black olives, tomatoes, free-range egg and new potatoes, to make this omega-3 fuelled and vitamin C packed salad a highly nutritious choice. You’ll be able to stay focused with the omega-3, a well-known ingredient found in oily fish, which is great for your brain function and development too.

Both of these delicious salads are part of our range which is not made with gluten, offering an option that most of your guests will be able to enjoy.

Ice-cold beverages are also the perfect way to cool down during your summer conferences. Why not try cucumber and mint infused water? Smoothies are also delicious for a summer conference, offering a vitamin-filled and cooling addition to a breakfast or lunch menu. We offer a range of blended options including strawberry, fruits of the forest or mango and banana, and these make a wonderfully refreshing drink during your summer conference.

Here are all our menu items for you to download