Charlotte Scott, the Food & Beverage Development Director for KUDOS based at Central hall Westminster, has been hard at work again, for this month’s blog she’s talking about catering for everyone’s needs and requirements.  

Everybody these days seems to have a dietary request – from nut free, to lactose free, coeliac and of course vegan (among many more!).  In recent months we have seen a massive increase in vegan requests and general wellbeing menus.  It is not just the strict dietary requests that we receive now, but also keto, paleo, no carbs…. the list goes on.

When we receive specific dietary requirements, we can easily modify our dishes accordingly.  For example; serving the curry without the rice or leaving the dairy out of the pasta dish.  Kudos strives to ensure that everyone has enough options to choose from at their event.  If you are unlucky enough to suffer from an allergy, then there is no reason why you should have to feel left out when it comes to food!

Our Food and Beverage Development Director and Head Chef have been beavering away over the last few months, creating the Central Hall Westminster menu pack for 2020.  In response to our clients’ and colleagues’ feedback and having checked out the current food trends; the new menu will include more vegan dishes, gluten free options and ‘healthier’ dishes.  All of which will be clearly marked with symbols throughout the menu.  We will also revamp the format, leading the way with these popular options, whilst still having the old favourite dishes available. 

Our energy bites have proved a huge hit this year, providing guests with a healthier alternative to cookies.  We love to change the ingredients and come up with new flavours for these, when requested by clients – our chia seed, pistachio and cranberry ones went down a storm.  The best part, is that they are gluten free, dairy free, and of course vegan 😊

Here are all our menu items for you to download