Welcome to CHW’s first blog of the year! To start us off Charlotte, the Food & Beverage Development Director for KUDOS and based at Central Hall Westminster is excited to be telling you all about our new catering menu pack that she has been working on for months now…..

“To kick off a new year we’ve produced new event catering menus for 2020! Whilst making sure we continue to include the most popular favourite dishes, we’ve also made quite a few changes this year and added new features.

Keeping in with the trend of the rise of the vegan, healthy and vegetarian diets, we’ve ensured that as many of these options as possible have been jammed packed into the menus. Our menu is now focused on giving our clients and delegates dishes that help to inspire people and give them energy throughout the day to allow them to be as productive as possible.

To help you identify which dishes on the list of all our menus are healthy, vegan and vegetarian, we’ve incorporated a new key system and ensured the delicious healthy dishes to promote your well-being are at the top of all the lists.

Other new features to the menu include package options that have been designed to help guide you through the process more easily when you need to make several catering choices, for example, if you are here for a day or more you will need a few meal options. These packages come in the form of a catering package and post-conference package.

If you can’t wait till your event or if you have not yet booked one, you can always come a sample our food at Wesley’s Café on the Lower Ground floor in Central Hall Westminster. Throughout January in the café we will be concentrating our offering on a happy and healthy start to the year a be offering a wide range of vegan hot dishes during lunchtime.”