Fixed rigging & stage lighting under Great Hall’s domed ceiling
Women using bamboo cutlery inside a cafe
Presenter on stage at technology seminar, under screen playing video content
Central Hall Westminster's BNC show exhibition stand

The White Light AV Production Team have been reflecting on how they have been working with us to ensure we as an events venue are becoming as sustainable as we can be

Following the huge success of the sustainability-themed 15th BNC Event Show, hosted at Central Hall Westminster earlier this month, all things green very much remain at the forefront of our minds. At White Light, sustainability is at the heart of our organisation and here are some initiatives we have taken for working with green technology to deliver more sustainable events.

Central Hall Westminster recently became the first UK Green Tourism partner to enable their clients to predict the carbon impact of their events and take measures to reduce or offset this. As their in-house production partner, we felt it crucially important to follow in their inspiring footsteps and contribute to the impact that can be made. Here is how we have been utilising more energy efficient production at Central Hall Westminster:

  • Modernised lighting rig: in 2018, we upgraded the six central moving light fixtures for the stage in the Great Hall and in doing so, have reduced electricity consumption by 200W per running hour, per light. This equates to a significant 1.2kW per hour saved, when delivering shows in this flagship space.
  • Living for LED: there are many reasons why LEDs are considered a green technology, with the fact that they consume less energy and therefore produce less carbon emissions, perhaps the most well known. This does not compromise on their efficiency as a lighting solution and as they do not contain any toxic chemicals such as mercury, they are long lasting and can be recycled when required.
  • Batteries for life, not just for one-time use: we rely heavily on battery-powered equipment, including microphones and radios when operating shows. Since switching to rechargeable battery units, we have prevented over 7000 one-time use batteries from being disposed and risking the release of harmful metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium.
  • Cutting back on transport carbon emissions: the return trip from White Light HQ to Central Hall Westminster is 26km. By keeping up to 9.5T of our equipment in permanent onsite storage at the venue, we are saving 22,971g of CO2 emissions per round trip for this volume of equipment.
    Go digital: Central Hall Westminster offers a multitude of architectural canvasses that can be used to project digital content for your events. From branding and itineraries, to social media feeds and seating plans; using projection can reduce or even remove the need for physical pieces of single-use set. This is kinder to both the environment and your event budget!

Some final food for thought on the green theme– we love the bamboo travel cutlery sets that Central Hall Westminster kindly gave to the BNC Event Show delegates. Our Business Development Manager – Jade, takes hers everywhere! Bamboo is a great eco-friendly material as it is extremely fast growing and can be harvested without damaging the environment. When researching your next event giveaway, give some extra thought to sustainable items for everyday use that will make a lasting gift…we at White Light HQ certainly will be!