Calculating Carbon Emissions

At Central Hall Westminster, we are committed to promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of events that we host at our venue. We also aim to help you to do the same when choosing us for your event.

We therefore offer all our valued clients and event bookers the ability to estimate the carbon emission of their upcoming events, using our simple carbon calculator.

Using data from our partner Green Tourism, our carbon calculator provides a fast and effective way to predict the carbon impact of your next event – giving you the option to take steps to reduce it, or offset it by means of a charitable donation.

We are very proud to be the first UK venue to offer our clients this option, so that we can support them in taking a more sustainable approach to all future events.

Reducing your carbon impact

Using our carbon calculator to estimate the carbon impact of your event is simple and easy. Once your event is confirmed, your Event Manager will take into consideration the carbon associated with our venue, plus the energy and water likely to be used during your event.

Your carbon impact will then be calculated using a simple formula based on the size of the event space you are hiring versus the number of days your event will last. You can then take steps to reduce your impact, or alternatively offset your estimated impact elsewhere by making a charitable donation.

If you choose to offset the impact of your event – that is, you decide to neutralise your carbon footprint by avoiding the release of carbon elsewhere – our Events team will calculate this as a monetary sum that will be added to your final invoice. This amount will then be donated to the Woodland Trust as part of their carbon offset programme.

Our carbon offset partner

To help us offset our clients’ carbon emissions, we have partnered with the Woodland Trust – the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity. Their mission is to protect and plant trees, and restore ancient woodland for the benefit of animals and people.

By donating to the Woodland Trust’s carbon offset programme, we are able to neutralise the carbon emitted by an event at Central Hall Westminster by absorbing a tonne of carbon that would otherwise remain in the atmosphere. Just a £25 donation from offsetting an event will plant 25 square metres of woodland – enough to store the carbon from a flight from London to New York.

Working with charitable bodies like the Woodland Trust is one of several CSR activities that we proudly support. Find out more about us and our sustainability policy, or see more reasons why you should book Central Hall Westminster for your next event.

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